A downloadable Kinetic Novel for Windows


This kinetic novel is nearly 12,000 words long, is fully voice acted, and music along with sound effects are also included. Playing on auto mode with default settings should take about 80 minutes to complete. Everything is 100% free of charge

Note: It is recommended that you set the in game music volume slider to half volume through the preferences menu while leaving voices at maximum

Potential content warnings: Coarse language, Mature themes


"After a scientific attempt to expand human sensory abilities, children started to be born with abilities to see information that shouldn't be possible.

Josh has one of the less impressive abilities, able to time it out exactly when someone speaks within close range of him or directly to him from further away.

But then the clock above his best friend disappears and they are hospitalized soon after. It's suspected that this was no accident...

Tensions begin to mount and the question slowly rises...

Are they sure they understood what their eyes told them correctly?"



Windows verison (.zip download) 420 MB
Macintosh version (.zip download) 406 MB

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This was a really fun story, and I enjoyed the voice acting. I would love to see more projects from you in the future. (: